Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New practise

I played a couple of times in the past week, but did not have so much time to write about it unfortunately. Here is a short re-cap of my experiences:

I picked up playing the Bar Chords. Actually it goes better each time; slowly, but surely. At first I found it nearly impossible to spread my fingers sufficiently to get a proper and good enough sound. As Master Ben advised, I should master this first before moving on to the next topics. But now surely it goes already better than at first. It gets more fun, as the sound is getting better and better all the time. Then, also I get a better feeling for how the sound behaves, when playing different chords and strings.

Typically, this Bar Chord part is really the hardest for me so far, but it seems to realy increase my understanding how to play. Instead of just repeating what Master Ben plays, sometimes I can try to make somthing myself, or trying to play some of the songs that I noted down earlier!

But when I feel really desperate about these Bar CHords, I turn again to the online video's, to check it is really do-able and after some painful time, it should go better and faster!