Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Practice in the New Year!

Just had a chance to grab my guitar and log into the website for the very first time this Year for practising. I did not really plan to take so long before the first class in 2010, but somehow I got busier than expected and it was not until now that I could go ahead.

I went straight on to class number 5, where the major chords E-major and A-major is explained. This is a short video of around 4 minutes, but it holds some key information. As Master Ben explained, this is the last lesson about the basic chords and next we will move on the the bar chords. Not really sure what these are, but I am bound to find out soon.

This 5th class I saw before and I jotted down, as I usually do, the strings and frets, but somehow I made a mistake and could not get the second chord right. So, the help of having the video at hand at all times is really great; I could just start up the video and correct my mistake.

It was good to get some practise again and I will try to do some more tonight, after I come home from work.

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