Monday, February 1, 2010

Interesting class..

Back again, as I didn't have much time to play recently unfortunately. It looks like now I will have some more time, so I really want to get some more practise again this week.

I started today with the class on Bar Chords, as I did not want to go back classes that I covered already before. This specific part is for me a bit more complicated to grasp. That is why it is so useful to have the video's at hand all the time, because Master Ben really demonstrates everything that could possibly cause confusion.

For example, how to position your hand on the neck of the guitar, how to bend your wrist, how to spread your fingers, how far your wrist should go and how to hook in the guitar to your upper body basically. Really useful, next to the obvious and clear explanations. I watched the 6th video , which is longer as mentioned in my previous blog. It will take me some time to master this technique, as I find it hard to AND use my first finger to cover some fret which is more than 1 fret away from my 3/4th fingers. Needs some time...

Especially in the beginning of the neck, where the frets are wide apart, this is not so easy. The last part of the neck is really OK, though. I need to practise my hand position, and this is again where it comes in to be very useful to have Master Ben's video at hand. With this tool you can really see how an experienced guitarist handles this and sets himself up!

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