Sunday, December 13, 2009

3rd session today!

After a break of a few days, because I did not have time to practice, it was time celebrate the start of the winter-season here with my 3rd guitar lesson. I started with reviewing again and repeating the 3 chords that I had learned before. I did not remember them fully, and tried to play them on top of my head for starters, but as got 10-15 minutes practice, everything came back again. But then I found out, that I got one of the chords wrong, when I checked my notes, so I corrected this. Then I could continue on full speed and try to increase my pace of playing. Also, I had a look a few times at how the chords were played in the video to get some more inspiration.

Once I was satisfied about this (it was not really fluent yet, but I felt ready for learning something new in the next lesson), I moved on to lesson nr. 3. In this lesson, the next 3 chords were explained, 3 minor chords in this case. There was a very short, to-the-point theoretical explanation about the difference in usage of open, regular and minor chords and then we were off to the next 3: E-minor, A-minor, D-minor. After learning the first 3 last week, these seem pretty simple. I think it is a matter to get a certain mindset, to recognize the structures how these chords are set up, because once I started practicing them, I mastered them pretty quickly.

The 3rd video is again around 7 minutes, starting with a very short revision of what was in the previous class and also some indication of how my level of playing should be by now. This is good, because it can prevent frustration if I move on to the next level too quickly and find out I am not ready yet.

Then there is the short theoretical basis-part, followed by the chords with hints on the pitfalls .very nice: at the end of the video, Master Ben explains how to play the first song (“Let It Be”), which can be done by using 4 of the 6 chords that he explained so far. When he plays these chords, it sounds really good and smooth – the real song. When I try to do this, it is still too slow, I need to look and think all the time where to put my fingers and how to move them next. Need to practise!

Another thing I liked, is his straight and honest way of teaching; he explains that there are many tricks to learn something quick on the guitar, but the best way is to learn through practicing the chords, then the songs. It comes down to just sitting down with the instrument and practicing, repeating, improving all the time. It is a real training, but very efficient, clean and fun also. A week ago, I could not have imagined that I would have these 6 chords already and that I am ready and practicing my first song. Especially if I consider that I really did not put in so much time as I was afraid I would need to achieve this level – up to now 3 hours, with today as the longest session (1 hour).

So I will try to practice some more tonight – I think in general it will be better to train some shorter periods several times a week then 1 long session 1 or 2 times per week. Seeing these results, it is very motivating to make time free for this!

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