Saturday, December 19, 2009

New practise

I just had my next practise. I started off with practising "Let It Be", which, supported the energy provided by a cup of good hot chocolate and lemoncake, went gradually better again than last time. That means, I can play it quicker, do not need to think for seconds on end which finger to move exactly where, but I actually slowly reach the stage it is becoming more automatic.

It even starts to sound a bit like the real song at times, which gives a really good feeling. Now, I was curious about the next video, and after practising for some more minutes, I started to watch it. This one (the 3th) is a bit longer (around 12 minutes) and is about the scales, as well as about different way of playing ("stachato" or the "hammering"-technique). I decided to split the practise for this in 2 parts: firstly I will practise the scale in G, after that I will continue with the techniques, also because these techniques are a bit more advanced and will need some more attention.

Master Ben provides 2 scales in G, he explains what are the differences and why they are important. Also good is that he tells how he uses them, eg. when he warms up in the morning, this is a very good excercise. Good to know that it serves a clear goal, that is what I like. Apart from that, the video is again clear, fast explanation - this time I had to pause it a few times to jot down the finger/string/fret combinations. So the tempo is really energizing and the example that Ben provides are really helpful and useful: I know what it has to sound like, so this is my goal, and I can compare it at all times. Just have to go back to the right point in the video and play it!

Now I feel like I can already move on to this level confidently, it is very good to have the feeling to understand a bit more about the different names and what they are basically for. Let alone understanding how to use them, so very useful and instructive video, I can recommend this!


  1. "Let it be, let it be"

    Good luck, pretty boy!

  2. Thanks for that!! Hope to play this song completely for you, once I manage to master it up to that may sing along, of course ;)