Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tired practise today.

I felt a bit tired today, after a short night of sleep. However, I wanted to keep up my rhythm of regular practise, so I started practising tonight again. This time, I did not even use the video help - in the last video's, I got enough material to practise. This is one of the advantages of this video course: getting a lot of useful information in a efficient way. Every time around, I can just pick up my guitar, switch on the amplifier and give it a go. If I need to get back to the basic explanation, or some example, the video's are there all the time to help me out, should I need them.

I started with the song (Let It Be), which goes better and better now. I found out that actually only for the 2nd chord, I need to look what my right hand is doing, as the other 3 chords uses all the strings. The 2nd chord typically only the first 4 strings are used. This makes it a bit quicker. Also, I practise now at improving not looking at my right hand, but rather trying to "feel" which string I am at with this hand, so that I can focus on my left hand. This way, I can play quicker.

After playing the song for some time, I needed some variation and started practising the scales (Master Ben gave 2 in his video, which are pretty similar). After the chords, the scales seem pretty easy, because it is mostly one finger at the time. Unlike the chords, where 3 left hand fingers need to be in the right position simultaneously. I master both of them, playing them up and later also down, in around 15-20 minutes. Then went back to practising the song, and later once more the scales.

Had quite some fun with this; after some hard times in the beginning, when playing the chords together don't really give the effect of a real song, now it gets more and more gratifying to get some 'real' sounds from my guitar. Also, it gets a bit easier to understand now. I think regular practise is really key here.

The coming days I think I will not have so much chance to play guitar, unfortunately, as I am going away for X-mas. But maybe I will get a chance to grab my girlfriends younger brother acoustic guitar when visiting them and see how the chords sound on that!

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