Thursday, December 17, 2009

New steps on the way to Guitar Mastery!

I took my next guitar class on Tuesday and really had a blast. I started trying not using the video's too much and practising "Let it Be" by myself, improving my pace. I practised like this for some 15 minutes, which was really fun. After this, I stopped for a few minutes, since my fingers started to hurt a bit more.

Really need to have a firm claw grip with my left hand and press the strings down strongly, so this needs to get some serious training to develop the thicker skin on my finger tops.

After taking a cup of refreshing tea, while watching the video, I came back to the practise and after some 20-30 minutes it even started to sound like the real song. Even though I am not really close yet to Master Ben's version, because I need too much time still thinking were to put my fingers for the next move/chord. But slowly this is improving and the good thing about this course is that I can pick it up or stop at any time it suits me.

No need to pack my guitar stuff, go anywhere (in particular now, winter has started finally off here with some serious snow), setting up appointments or depending on other people's schedules, which really helps. Especially since I am quite busy during the day (work, sports) and mostly have time to practise only late in the evening, around 10PM. The downside, honestly speaking, is that I do not get to know new people in my area that could give advise on guitar-related things, like which shop is good for strings, supplies and so on. So I guess I just need to find this out in other ways then, which is also fine!


  1. Keep up the good work with your new hobby! However I'm afraid that I'm unable to advise you, I think with your pace and endurance it'll be fine! You might seek some advise via forums, but I'm sure you're already finding out.


  2. Thanks Rogier. I am confident I will be fine, as you see on the blog I am keeping it up and improving!